Willi Klopottek

LUXEMBURG | Music journalist
Worked for 35 years as a teacher for social sciences and politics at a high school in Germany, but has been a music lover and bassist/guitarist in amateur bands since his youth too. In 1997 he discovered World Music after attending a concert of a band from Madagascar; soon with the result of being interested in all styles of local music from around the globe. Retired as a teacher 10 years ago, he moved to Luxembourg and there he started his World Music radio show Mondophon on independent community Radio ARA. He is writing regularly about World Music for Luxembourgish weekly newspaper WOXX and the German magazines Folker and Folk Galore.

Christian Pliefke

GERMANY | Founder of Nordic Notes label and Folk Galore Magazin
Since 1992 active as co-operator of various labels. In 2005  he founded his own label NORDIC NOTES (Eläkeläiset, Okra Playground, …), other labels (CPL-Music, Beste! Unterhaltung) and a music publishing company. The focus at Nordic Notes is on world, folk and singer songwriter from Northern Europe. CPL-Music stands for folk and world music, focus on the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Eurasia (Divanhana, Dobranotch, Alice in WonderBand, SOLE …) Christian is founder, editor and publisher of Magazin Folk Galore since 2020.

Anna Mašátová

CZECH REPUBLIC | Music manager and journalist
Anna is a music publicist, arts manager and art historian. She is deputy editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Uni, her articles can also be found in Harmonie, Full Moon Magazine and other periodicals.
She has worked as Head of communications at the Rock for People festival, and was the director of the Nouvelle Prague music conference and showcase festival. She created Jazz Guide Czech Republic and World Music Guide Czech Republic. She led workshops, mentoring sessions, and spoke on panels at WOMEX, Ment Ljubljana, Nouvelle Prague, Czech Music Crossroads, MusicMatch, World Music Festival Bratislava, Meltingpot Forum,, and other events.
She served on the grant committee of the Czech Ministry of Culture for Alternative Music and on the dramaturgical board of the SoundCzech music export agency. She cooperates with New York University in Prague. Since 2022, she has been an assistant professor at the Department of Music Production at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Since 2023, she has been the editor of the ArtCafé show of Czech Radio Vltava.

Dudu Sarr

SENEGAL  | Youssou NDOUR International Management, Founder of Dakar Music Expo (DMX)
Dudu Sarr is a recognized expert in the music sector in Africa. After 20 years spent in London, Dudu Sarr came back to Dakar, where he founded the Dakar Music Expo, an international music fair, which third edition was held in February 2022. Dudu Sarr is Youssou N’Dour’s international manager and dedicates his experience to the development of new African talent.

Bojan Djordjević

Bojan Djordjević started to write about music for Student and Youth magazines in 1987. Since then he has been collaborating and writing for music magazines in Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy and UK. Started the first ever radio show about experimental and alternative music in Serbia, on independent Radio B92 in 1990. This weekly show, under the name «Disco 3000» (now world music), has been broadcasted ever since. but now on Radio Belgrade 3.. Bojan is long time member of World Music Charts Europe panel of 45 radio DJs. Also a member of the panel Balkan World Music Chart. Bojan compiled bestseller compilations „Srbija: Sounds Global“ and „Rromano Suno“ for Radio B92s music label.  Founder and art director of International New Music Festival «Ring Ring» since 1996. Festival  includes avant-garde, contemporary, art rock, alternative, free jazz, experimental, electroacoustic and world music. Bojan is also founder and artistic director of two world music festivals – “Todo Mundo” in Belgrade (since 2012) and “Pocket Globe” in Novi Sad (since 2022). Music program selector of Belgrade Summer festival „BELEF“ in 2003, 2004, 2012. and 2013. Bojan Djordjevic was and still is acting as manager for some artists from the Balkans, like  Divanhana, Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra. Organised „Swiss Balkan Creative music Workshop“ and “Swiss Music Days” festival in 7 countries of the Balkans. In 2014 he organized festival „Zajedno Zusammen“ in Belgrade, where Austrian and artists from Serbia meet and performed together. Founder of the Association Ring Ring. The Association has been part of European projects “Phonart – Lost Languages of Europe” (2010-2012), EUTERPE (2014-2015) and Sounds of Europe (2022-2025)

Marija Vitas

Ethnomusicologist, music critic, journalist, researcher, magazine and portal editor, festival co-organizer and co-selector. Born in 1980 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (2006). In 2007, Marija started working in the media. From 2008 to 2019, she worked at Radio Belgrade 2: 1) CD reviews and reports on world music/classical/pop/rock/jazz concerts and festivals in Serbia, and abroad, 2) hosting the show “Od zlata jabuka” focused on Serbian and Balkan music and cultural heritage, 3) playlists in different talk shows. Marija has been writing articles for the Serbian world music magazine “Etnoumlje” since 2008. She soon became the deputy editor, and from the end of 2012 – the editor-in-chief. Since 2018, she has been editing the portal of the World Music Association of Serbia, within which there is also an online version of the “Etnoumlje” magazine. She collaborated with Radio BBC 3 and Canadian Radio CBC and writes for the Italian “Blogfoolk” portal and German “Folk Galore” magazine. Her texts have been published in “Vreme”, “Novi magazin”, “Politika”, “Nedeljnik” and on numerous portals (“BeforeAfter”, “Opanak”…) She is a member of the “Transglobal World Music Charts” panel and the founder and administrator of the “Balkan World Music Chart” panel.

As a member of the World Music Association of Serbia, Marija led several field research projects to date, which were immortalized on CD releases that Marija is editor of: “Pesma izvika”. “Vojvođanski gajdaši”, “Svirka i pesma 5 gajdaša”, “Gusle: Epic Tradition of Serbia”, “Izvika Singing in the Beauty of Female Voices”, etc. Marija often writes liner notes for albums by different artists, and prepares promotional texts and EPKs for bands.

She was involved in the international project EU.T.ER.PE (2014 – 2016), as an art director in the team of the Serbian partner (“Ring Ring” Association). She is also included in the current European project ‘’Sounds of Europe’’. Since 2019, she is the President of the “Ring Ring” Association and a member of the team of the “Todo Mundo” and ‘’Pocket Globe’’ world music festivals. She also cooperates with the “Gergina” Association from Negotin, actively participating in various projects – “Gergina” Vlach music festival, CD and book releases (The Magic of Vlach Music/2021, Vlaške pesme/2021, Etno grupa Gergina/2022, etc.) – related to the tradition of Vlach minority in Serbia.

Marija is often a jury member at various folk music festivals and competitions in Serbia. She is a member of the international jury, which chooses the best world music album in Slovakia (2019/2020/2021/2022). She was a member of the Hungarian Heritage House’s jury that selected Hungarian musicians in 2019 for promotion abroad. She participated as a delegate, speaker or journalist at many music conferences and world music festivals so far: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Finland, etc. She is the author of the book “The Musical Heritage of Vranje” (2020) released with UNESCO’s support. “Muzika Klasika” magazine chose her as the “Best Music Critic” in Serbia in 2019. Marija is a member, communication manager and editor of ‘’Music Information Centre of Serbia’’ internet portal.


Fabio Scopino

ITALY | Italian World Beat CEO, Founder and General Manager
For over 25 years, he has gained experience in entertainment development and cultural promotion covering roles such as Music Clubs Founder, Art Director, Event Manager, Artist Manager, Booking Agent. Currently he’s engaged in the management and development of an Italian professionals network to represent and promote abroad artists, festivals, fairs, agencies, cultural associations and promoters, operating through active partecipation in the major music fairs worldwide and all occasions of meeting and exchanges related to the global music market. Italian World Beat is among the founding members of the global project “MusiConnect”, since 2021 Italian World Beat has been the organizer of a showcase and conferences festival named MusiConnect Italy.

Salla Ahvenjärvi

Executive Director of Haapavesi Folk Music Festival. The festival is located in Northern Finland, it was founded in 1989 and is part of European Capital of Culture: Oulu2026 –programme. I’m looking for collaborations for our 2026 festival programme.

Marina Pommier

Involved in the World Music scene since 1994, Marina Pommier is programming and booking various projects and groups around the world. Convinced European, she has lived in France, Germany, Belgium and Hungary. She started her carrier as tour manager and production manager for « The Gipsies of Rajasthan » and the festival «  the beautifull Nights of Ramandan » in Brussels and became the manager of hungarian Gipsy Band Romano Drom for 11 years, later of South slavic group Söndörgö for 7 years, and is now envolved with Polish Band Volosi.

From 2001 she started to collaborate with Sziget Agency with whom she organised 3 Hungarian cultural seasons, in France, Italy and the Netherlands. She programs on Sziget festival since 2002 on the Gipsy stage first for 12 years and then Roma and Balkan program of the World Music Stage, and since 2019 started a new stage replacing World Music Stage called « Global Village » with a different approach to music and cultures of the world. At the same time she’s also booking the 2 free World Music stages of the Vidor Festival in Nyiregyháza since 2005. Since 2017 she is intensly developping Traditionnal and World Music concert series in rural villages in South West of France within the association « Le Monde dans mon Vilage » (The world in my Village)

Milan Tesař

Head of popular music editorial office since 1995. Author/moderator of the music programs Slyšte, lidé!, Jak se vám líbí, hitparáda Kolem se toč. Author of the scripts of the programs Třikrát z Proglasu, Noční, Hudební listování, Synkopy na kanapi. Music dramaturg (selection of songs for the all-day broadcast and, after consultation with specific editors, also for their programs). Administrator and builder of the music archive of Proglas (except folklore, brass and classical music). Administrator and author of a large part of articles on the Proglas music website. From 2021, he also takes care of the new website Member of the international jury of the World Music Charts Europe ranking, since December 2020 secretary of this panel of European radio music columnists.

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