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17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kamenné Námestie 1/a
811 06 Bratislava

Suonno d’Ajere

17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kácečko, Bratislava

Suonno d’Ajere means “yesterday’s dream,” and that’s exactly what this young Neapolitan band sounds like. The trio of Irene Scarpato, Gian Marco Libeccio and Marcello Smigliante Gentile is musically dominated by the vocals of the charismatic singer. The vocals are tenderly complemented by acoustic guitar, mandolin and mandocello. The sound of these instruments, which was born in Naples, has the real power to transport listeners to the Italy of times long gone by, thanks also to the well-established retro repertoire of the mid-20th century. The nostalgia in Suonno d’Ajere’s compositions, however, is mixed with contemporary influences. This is also reflected on their latest, slightly fresher recording, Nun v’ annammurate, on which the band dusts off old Neapolitan hits.

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