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17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kamenné Námestie 1/a
811 06 Bratislava

Alice in Wonderband

17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kácečko, Bratislava

For Serbian duo Alice in the Wonderband, the body is part of the music. Ana Vrbaški and Marko Dinaški mean it literally. By stomping, clapping and tapping on their thighs or shoulders, they create the rhythm of their compositions, which are interpretations of Balkan folk songs. Drumming on one’s own body (body percussion) naturally leads into a rhythmic dance, and so the experience of their performances draws you in not only acoustically, but also visually. They will share their vibrant energy and infectious rhythm with you in concert and as well as in an immersive music and dance workshop.

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