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17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kamenné Námestie 1/a
811 06 Bratislava

Ötödik Évszak

17.8. 2024 (Saturday)
Kácečko, Bratislava

What would it sound like if Paris were located on the Danube? This question is answered by the sound of the band Ötödik Évszak, which combines traditional Hungarian musical instruments with French chanson. At the heart of this playful acoustic fusion is Hungarian-French singer Izabella Caussanel. The repertoire of Ötödik Évszak’s compositions is based on Hungarian folk music, which inherently includes the cimbalom and violin. However, folklore forms more of a background here, and what comes to the fore is the eclectic, modern and playful nature of their music.

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