15.8. 2024 (Thursday)
Hviezdoslavovo námestie
811 06 Bratislava


15.8. 2024 (Thursday)
Hviezdoslavovo námestie, Bratislava

Intense and penetrating voices that sway to the melodies of old Slavic songs, the vocal group Milánosz brings traditional arrangements of folk songs from the Balkans, Poland, Slovakia, but especially from Ukraine. It was the work of Ukrainian ethnomusicologist and singer Yuriy Pastushenko that was behind the creation of this musical group. Pastushenko, a collector of folk songs in the Ukrainian countryside, selects specific songs for the singers and helps to bring their interpretation as close as possible to the original style of singing from a given region. The male voices beautifully complement the female ones, creating a unique experience that transports you for a moment to the open plain of a wheat field, or under an old pear tree just beyond the village.

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