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16.8. 2024 (Friday)
Kamenné Námestie 1/a
811 06 Bratislava

Mária Reháková - Topoľana

16.8. 2024 (Friday)
Kácečko, Bratislava

Slovak folklore combined with London jazz – musical project Topoľana by the young Slovak composer, flutist and singer Maria Reháková is all that. The melodies of traditional Slovak compositions and folk songs are beautifully complemented by jazz solos. At times you get lost in the velvety sound of the saxophone, only to be led a few bars further down the melodic path by Mária’s voice. Topoľana’s debut album is an acoustic walk across two completely different musical traditions, which, however, blend beautifully together and blur the boundaries – both geographical and musical ones.

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