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18.8. 2023 (friday)
Klarisky church
Klariská, 811 03
Old town

Efrén López and Christos Barbas (Spain/Greece)

Efrén López and Christos Barbas – a pair of musical magicians who have been working together on various projects for almost 20 years. While Efrén López specializes in various string instruments from Europe and Asia (acoustic guitar, oud, lute, saz, rabab, tanpura), Christos Barbas prefers pipes, but mainly the Turkish Sufi bamboo flute ney. At the World Music Festival Bratislava, they will present their internationally successful album Atlas, from 2021, which combines ethnic and medieval music.

Efrén López – oud and other stringed instruments
Christos Barbas – ney, lavta

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